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SU-24 (М,МR) Aircraft Repair

    SE NARP is the only repair enterprise in Ukraine, which performs mid-life repair of SU-24 aircraft of all modifications. Repair of aircraft of the kind was mastered in 1993. About 40 air planes for Ukrainian Air Force have been repaired since that time.

   The following repair procedures are performed by the enterprise: ремонт су-24

   1. Aircraft recovery within the scope of mid-life repair under repair manuals in force with time between overhauls extension within assigned life limits. NARP performs repair of air frame, aircraft systems and components, works under all the required bulletins by reference to aircraft serial number.

   2. SU-24 recovery procedures include diagnostics of aircraft systems, analysis of air frame and aircraft equipment technical condition and their further transition into operation according to actual technical condition. 

   3. SU-24M aircraft updating, which  enhances the aircraft combat efficiency, its tolerance to battle damage and combat mobility, and shortens expenditures  aircraft complexes maintenance. Aircraft updating procedures are carried out together with Russian JSC “GEFEST”, Moscow.   

   4. Overhaul and running repair of aircraft components and equipment.

ремонт су-24

   5. Corrosion treatment, application of protective coating, aircraft local and overall aircraft painting with special aviation and polyurethane paints in accordance with customer’s designs.  

    6. Aircraft windows repair or replacement.

    SE NARP can perform different types of repair at customer’s base. 

    NARP system of quality meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and was registered compliant with them by "Bureau VERITAS", Certificate No.UA227144 dtd. March 11, 2013.


 Ремонт су-24м         Ремонт Су-24

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